What is email open rate and how can it be improved?

In an era where professionals interact primarily through email, it’s critical to be well-versed in all elements of email marketing. The clarity of the call-to-action, and hence the conversion rates, determine the effectiveness of your email outreach efforts (sequences). The opening of your email is the first action you want the receiver to take. As a result, tracking the email sent and checking the open rates are required to ensure maximum engagement. If you are worried about your email open rate too then this blog is for you.

What are the open rates for emails?

The email open rate is the percentage of individuals who open your emails out of the total number of emails you send. So, if you send an email to 20 individuals and 16 of them read it, your email open rate is “80%.” This provides you with a precise estimate of the number of individuals who are interested in you. It saves you time since you aren’t wasting it on those who aren’t interested in your emails. These prices are proportionate to the topic line as well as the relevance of the subject matter to the subscribers. The open rate of your email demonstrates how successfully you can capture users’ attention with a well-crafted subject line.

What is the significance of email open rates?

Aside from being a vital measure for monitoring email deliverability and engagement data, email open rates may also assist you:

Avoid spam filters: Spam filters look at the IP’s engagement data to determine whether or not the email ID is legitimate. Low open rates indicate to the sender that the material being sent is unappealing and needs to be improved. As a result, to evade the spam filter, open rates must be kept below industry standards.

Take a step back and look at the campaign as a whole (sequence):

When combined with another email campaign (sequence) performance measures like click-through rate and bounce rate, open rates provide a comprehensive picture of the email campaign’s efficacy (sequence).

How can you boost the number of people who open your emails?

There are a variety of reasons why receivers don’t open your emails, and it’s critical to keep track of their interaction to achieve good conversion rates.

There are a few things you can do to ensure that recipients open your email the first time they get it.

  • Organize your email list:

A Poor email open rate will result from sending emails to inactive recipients. Every 4-6 months, make sure your email list is cleaned. Remove any receivers who haven’t responded to your emails in the past several campaigns (sequences). This ensures that you send emails to the appropriate recipients.

  • Making your emails more personal:

Personalization of emails has been shown to raise open rates by more than 20 per cent.

  • A/B testing should be followed:

A/B testing is a technique for comparing the outcomes of two distinct emails and drawing conclusions from them.

You must prepare two or more email variations, designating them A, B, C, and so on. Compare the results from different lists. Use the one that yields the most results.

  • Sending follow-up emails (steps):

In email marketing, sending follow-ups (steps) is crucial. According to statistics, “a sale can take up to 5 follow-ups (steps) to close.” If you have to keep track of each follow-up (step) that you send, it will be a difficult job. As a result, you should employ automatic follow-ups (steps) instead of manual follow-ups to save time.

  • Provide useful information:

A great email marketing strategy starts with high-quality, relevant content (sequence). Make sure you send emails with a lot of substance in them to give your receivers a lot of value and trust, and you’ll get a lot of open rates.

  • The best and worst days for sending emails are:
  1. Mondays had the highest open rates.
  2. Tuesdays had the highest click-through rates.
  3. The days with the greatest click-to-open rates are Wednesdays and Tuesdays.
  • Consider using a two-step opt-in process:

Double opt-in is when you give your permission twice to send an email to someone.

They are contacted twice: first when they enter their email address and again when they receive a verification email. This will guarantee that your email list only contains those who are interested in receiving your messages.

wrap up 

Better email open rates indicate that more people are interested in your firm, which leads to business growth. As a result, open rates are a critical component of every email marketing effort (sequence). Make sure you examine your next campaigns (sequences) and take the required actions to improve your company’s overall performance.

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