Virtual Event Marketing

Increase webinar signups and attendance, and get potential leads from your online events.
Webinar and virtual event marketing solutions for businesses.

Don’t let social distancing stop your events. Take advantage of virtual conferences, webinars and webcasts to engage your clients and build your virtual community. We help our clients with virtual events of all kinds:

Product Demos
Online Conferences
Saletancy helps you promote, run and manage your virtual event from end to end.
Pre-Webinar Promotion
Webinar Facilitation
Webinar Report

Build better Online Events Online Events

Saletancy can set up your virtual event marketing and manage to get the most out of your online events.


We outline the strategy and define your topic for the event along with agenda, target audience

Martech Setup

We set up the right tech platforms for hosting your virtual event, video marketing, outreach, programmatic advertising, campaign workflows etc

Content Creation

We help you produce event-specific landing pages, forms, promo videos and blogs, social media posts, emails, etc.

Reach Potential Prospects

We reach out to ideal target contacts through multiple channels and invite them to an event they can comfortably attend and get your prospects signed up

Communicate & Nuture

We help you to communicate your message to your potential prospect and engage them to drive their interest and sales

Convert that lead

We help you execute an aggressive multi-channel promotional plan to drive event registrations and convert those leads to drive actual ROI with your warm leads.

Webinar and Virtual Event Marketing Services

We support our customers with online events of all kinds like Webinars, Workshops, Product Demos or Online Conferences.

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