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Ultimate Outreach Alternatives Guide: Features and Comparison

Outreach is an important aspect of business marketing. It includes associating and interacting with your brand with the right prospects. The organization increases sales engagement with its audience, groups, and other organizations through its outreach programs. Outreach programs help in creating brand recognition, brand awareness, and boosting sales. But, if your objective is to build strong lasting customer relations and nurture fruitful prospects, Outreaching is not the way to head on.

The company needs to rely on outreach alternatives. There is a pool of alternatives in the market. How to choose the best one?

Welcome to your one-stop destination for in-depth exploration and comparison of the top 8 outreach alternatives.


What is, a multifaceted AI marvel, harnesses unparalleled intelligence and prescience to bolster sales engagement. This prodigious solution caters seamlessly to mid-sized entities and corporate behemoths operating with fledgling SDRs and partitioned territories, where iterative and scalable outreach endeavors transpire. By affording perspicacious analytics, it empowers managers to glean profound insights into the exploits of their sales representatives, while proffering dedicated amenities to Account Executives for the facilitation of suave customer interactions and unwavering follow-ups.

These are positive highlights of Outreach. There remains a big question mark, Why do you require Outreach Alternatives?

Need for Outreach Alternatives

“A jack of all trades is a master of none”. This proverb accurately suits Outreach characteristics. The advantages backfire as disadvantages sometimes as it tries to over-facilitate everyone with everything. The sales rep and AEs who operate through Gmail face a tough time adapting to this as everything needs to be done within platform boundaries. So, you have to invest in heavy tools for the facilities they don’t provide.

We have learned that it’s ideal for junior SDRs who have uniform restacking work. However, with dynamic UI and advanced features, proper training is needed. Thus, separate personnel is designated to guide the users and connect them with ZoomInfo and salesforce. Thus, the exorbitant price and additional training requirements make it unfit for small businesses. The outreach platform also creates duplicated databases which lead to unreliable salesforce data. Thus, it becomes confusing when multiple sales reps use the same data. Thus, Alternatives need to come to the rescue from these hindrances.


Top 8 Outreach Alternative

We have listed and compared our cherry-picked top alternatives for your swift shift.


MixMax stays on top of your Gmail tab so that reps can work in sync. Its saves time on the continuous shift between tabs by providing a simultaneous working feature on Gmail. Sales reps and AEs can perform important tasks without closing their mail inbox. It’s user-friendly and convenient for beginners. Automation feature for repetitive tasks and efficient workflow boosts sales rep performance, and sales volume and increases customer engagement.

  • Synced with salesforce, zoom, google calendar, and more.
  • Tailored customizations according to stage and customer through multichannel content sequences.
  • Automation features so that no step is missed out manually.
  • Collaboration and training through the google sidebar
  • Smart send message feature for swift communication.
  • Call recorder
  • Slack, SMS, and emails provide real-time engagement alerts, which sales reps can track and target at their peak.
  • Performance insights of best reps, individuals, templates, and sequences.
  • The price is billed annually, per user ranging from –
  • $9/month for beginner level,
  • $24/month for SMB and
  • $49 for a high growth level.
  • It also provides custom-based pricing for enterprises.
  • They also give a free 14-day trial period.
  • Since the prices are reasonable, it’s affordable for all companies to utilize it. Thus, widely scalable in comparison to outreach.



Salesloft is an all-rounder outreach alternative that facilitates lead generation, foreseeing, potential management, seamless conversation, and analytics. The user doesn’t need to register on multiple platforms for different functions.

  • Salesloft has sales playbooks that accelerate new recruits and enhance user experience.
  • Coaching on calls and close coaching feature enables risk identification, trend tracking, and success.
  • CRM sync facility which sets single click call and SMS feature.
  • Records and call logs management
  • Template customization for email
  • The price is negotiated and customizable on request, but it’s high as you get the total package on one platform.
  • They do not provide a free trial perk.



Groove was designed to work as a complement with Salesloft, to increase sales productivity. It enables sales reps to target specific prospects and organizations with customized and diverse campaigns.

  • Contact logs are displayed in omnibar while operating on email or InMail.
  • It provides real-time salesforce data.
  • It enables organizing workflows and creates task dominance.
  • Automated Desktop calling icon with history and notes on previous interactions
  • It has a conversation intelligence that gives timely tips for improving rep performance.
  • Call to action button of a call from any webpage
  • Scheduling calendar
  • Real-time insights from workflow analyzer and activity recording.
  • Just like sales loft it also provides specific pricing on request. There are no try-and-test-free benefits.

Yesware is located above email, office 365, and Outlook. It optimizes email engagement and increases productivity through email insight study.

  • Instant, automated mail notifications, and real-time insights
  • Campaigns through various channels
  • Inspection of engagement and performance through data
  • Automated tasks, reminders, and calendars.
  • Past engagement and meeting records.

  • It is expensive compared to MixMax.
  • It is billed annually on a user basis.
  • $15 per month- Pro Plan
  • $35 per month- Premium Plan
  • $65- Enterprises
  • Customer Pricing Policy
  • Free trial period of 14 days



Outplay is among one the newbies when it comes to sales engagement tools which were launched in 2019, its primary motive is to increase the outreach at a mass level mainly targeting over mails.

  • Pre-designed mails
  • Messaging access on LinkedIn, Twitter, and SMS
  • Inbuilt dialler in browser
  • script of calls
  • Automatic follow-ups and next activity reminder
  • inbuilt email scheduled calendar
  • tracker of visitors on the website accompanied by a chat system
  • Diverse channels and sequences

  • The plans are billed annually/per user basis as-
  • pro @ $99 per month
  • Growth-$75 per month
  • customized pricing on requests
  • free trial for 14 days

It is a sales engagement platform that allows subscribers to automate cold outreach across multiple channels. generation of leads, management of accounts, links, and PR production are among its primary objectives.

  • SMS, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn contact feature
  • management of task workflows
  • VoIP based on browser
  • Virtual coaching of sales and insights
  • sequences of multi-channel
  • AI assistant for writing emails
  • Its pricing is quite different from other platforms.
  • $60 per month per head Min 5 users
  • $50 per month per head Min 10 users
  • $70 per month per head billed monthly. Min 3 users
  • Free trial for 14 days


Cirrus Insight:

Cirrus Insight is a sales engagement tool that was developed to uplift sales force adaptation for assistant engineers and other consumers its primary function is to enable accurate reporting and prognostication.

  • premade email designs
  • scheduling as per as calendar
  • tracking of users on the website
  • tracking of email, links, and attachments
  • sidebar for salesforce
  • detecting buyer’s will and  signals
  • Expert:-$29 per month per head
  • pro:-$21 per month per head
  • salesforce sync:-$10 per month per head
  • free trial for 14 days



Malishake is a sales engagement tool that is used for sending cold mass mail blasts. it also has applications for PR, relations of media, the building of links, and HR.

  • recording of calls and notes
  • script of phones
  • AI-powered writer for email
  • sequences of multi-channel
  • customized schedule for sending
  • automated reminders for doing tasks
  • Price
  • $44 per month per head for email outreach
  • $75per month per head for sales engagement


Core Takeaways!

There is no one-size-fits-all rule in Outreach alternatives. Make the right choice by analyzing and defining your sales requirement and business model Inspect yourself with questions like-

  • Is this method scalable in long run?
  • Will this method be suitable for my sales team and objective?
  • Are free trial and customer support available?

Answer these questions before investing in any outreach mechanism, else it’s just money down the drain.

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