Top 6 B2B Marketing Videos that Your Business Needs in 2022

Video marketing is a growing marketing tool that allows your company to connect with new customers, businesses, and audiences. Because of technological advancements, your company can use assets like vlogs, 360-degree videos, and customer testimonials to persuade B2B decision-makers to make an informed purchase.

We’ve outlined the six types of B2B marketing videos that your company must utilise to separate itself from competitors. It starts with providing value, but these marketing tools are sure to capture the attention of your target audience.

1. Video blogging

Vlogging is a powerful marketing tool since it gives you a unique perspective on your company. Your prospects may see what it’s like to work at your organisation on a daily basis. This enhanced transparency will help potential buyers trust you and demonstrate how amazing your company culture is. It will also create a personal, deep relationship with your potential customers.

Before they invest in your product or service, businesses will buy your firm and what it stands for. Vlogging allows you to display how your staff interact, cooperate, and exchange ideas. These movies also give you an idea of your employees’ work ethic. If any of your team members have special skills, vlogging is a great opportunity to showcase them.

B2B Marketing Videos

Vlogging allows your company’s thought leaders to take the stage and share their knowledge with the rest of the world. Because executive executives are frequently the face of a company, knowing about their future plans helps create trust in B2B prospects. Good people are a vital competitive advantage for the space’s players. Your brand will be difficult to ignore when showcasing the inventiveness of your team members.

Although vlogging can be used to document your company’s daily operations, it can also be used to promote your product or service. Vlogging lets your team members hype up your items, teach your prospects about the benefits, and assist them toward making an informed buying decision because you already have their attention.

Finally, your vlogs should have a call-to-action. It’s best to include small information about how your prospects and consumers can contact your company throughout your videos.

Your goal should be to boost conversions, and you won’t be able to achieve that until you get them to take action. To increase engagement, escalate conversations, and generate more purchases, include calls to action in the early portions of the video.

2. Videos in 360 degrees

Because videos can illustrate your goods or services in real time, they will always have an advantage over images. Your business can also take it to the next level by showcasing your product in a compelling 360-degree video.

360-degree videos provide the user more control and personalisation over how they see your product or solution. A typical video is a set of activities, scenes, and events that follow a predetermined pattern. A 360-degree video, on the other hand, allows the B2B decision-maker to experience a virtual product demo.

B2B Marketing Videos

The 360-degree video is also available on demand, allowing the decision-maker to access it at any time. If additional people in the prospective company wish to see the 360-degree video and product presentation, it can be readily passed on while the experience is preserved.

It’s important to note that 360-degree movies may be more effective for B2B enterprises who sell actual products. The spectator may study minor components of the product and see the ins and outs without having to handle it in their hand thanks to the 360-degree video. A 360-degree video is an excellent supplement to a B2B marketing plan because most people learn best through visual representation.

3. Instructional or educational videos

Any video that your company produces should be useful in some way. Educational videos can be a great way for your prospects to learn more about you. These instructional videos not only aid in student retention, but they also assist your organisation in guiding B2B decision-makers through the purchasing process.

We all notice commercials as we go about our daily lives. These messages persuade us to purchase a product. However, because marketing pitches are on our phones, televisions, billboards, and signs all over town, in addition to everything you will deliver to your customers, the advertising space can be overwhelming. By creating and sharing video material that educates the prospect, your company can take a different strategy.

B2B Marketing Videos

Your primary incentive for creating video content should not be to sell. It should be to provide your prospect with unique information. It should provide individuals with information on how to improve their job performance, expand their business, or make life easier. Your brand generates trust when you strive to deliver free value up front. You will receive more leads and consumers once you have established this trust.

In the form of customer service, educational images can also be useful for your current clientele. Product descriptions, demonstrations, and advice on how to maximise your product as a solution could all be included in these videos. If your customers are having trouble accessing your service at odd hours, an on-demand movie can deliver immediate value while also building long-term trust.

4. LinkedIn videos

B2B Marketing Videos

With over 774 million users as of 2021, LinkedIn is the largest professional online network. Individuals of all levels of experience can use the platform to find appealing career opportunities. The site, however, offers more than just a location to look for jobs and upload your résumé.

Individuals and corporations can now share content thanks to the platform’s continued evolution. LinkedIn has also introduced a new B2B video marketing programme, which allows businesses to communicate with potential workers, customers, and clients using video. While it is still too early to reveal the statistics behind LinkedIn marketing success, the platform still has a lot of potential.

B2B decision-makers will find LinkedIn to be a valuable resource. Many of your target prospects will be C-level executives or members of their organisation’s established team. Stakeholders who make hiring and talent acquisition choices are likely to be the same.

After all, video marketing is all about grabbing people’s attention. Video content will pique the interest of your potential B2B audience, especially as they scroll around LinkedIn. LinkedIn is still a social media platform, despite its concentration on connecting professionals.

5. Video testimonials from customers

Nothing outweighs the power of social proof in the form of client testimonials. Customer testimonial marketing films provide a number of benefits, including the ability to develop trust and credibility, increase recommendations, and be readily shared on social media.

You may tell your prospects about your value offer all day. The strength of your brand, on the other hand, is enhanced when other people talk about how great your firm is. Customers can express their genuine feelings and opinions about your company, products, or services, instantly boosting your credibility. Your marketing department should make the most of your most valuable asset: customer pleasure.

A client testimonial Referrals are another benefit of B2B marketing videos. When you ask a consumer for a testimonial video, it indicates that you value their viewpoint. This connection develops a bond with the customer, encouraging them to inform others about your company. As your loyal customers tell their friends, your company’s brand becomes even more well-known.

Written testimonials on Google, Yelp, or other review sites are quite valuable. Text testimonials, on the other hand, are not as easily shared on social media as video testimonials. Videos are more popular than ever, and many decision-makers use social media to communicate. In fact, 78 percent of people watch videos on social media at least once a week.

Finally, consumer testimonials give your marketing campaigns a distinct flavour. Every person has a unique story and experience with your brand. These important stories will be brought to the forefront through testimonial videos. Your B2B prospects will still buy based on emotion, and specific testimonies can help them make that decision.

6. Videos Created to Address a Specific SEO Issue

Your video marketing approach should include search engine optimization. It lets your website rank better in search engine results, increasing brand awareness. Businesses used to concentrate on improving their written content, product descriptions, and headlines.

In today’s SEO environment, this method isn’t good enough. With video content, your company should concentrate on implementing a search engine optimization plan. The top videos for a given phrase can be found using search engine search tools, and your brand could be at the top of that list.

It’s not too late to start implementing this plan, but more businesses are shifting their content strategy in this manner. As more material floods the internet, your company’s video marketing approach will need to focus on incorporating relevant keywords and terms. So, how can you put this strategy into action? Here are a few activities to get your team started:

  • Closed captions and interesting subtitles should be used.
  • Create unique thumbnail images for your B2B marketing videos.
  • Use keywords in file names, descriptions, and titles that are important to your research.
  • Incorporate prominent search terms and tags that are relevant to the mission or topic of your film.


As you can see, there are a variety of techniques to efficiently promote your brand, product, or service. A 360-degree movie will set your firm apart if you want to deliver a virtual product demonstration. Your website’s visibility will improve as a result of search engine optimised videos. Vlogging allows you to highlight your personnel and regular operations in a unique way.

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