Top 10 LinkedIn Email Finder Tools for gathering your own 60 million LinkedIn connections

Are you looking for the best email finder for LinkedIn?   But confused about which are the best available email finder tools for LinkedIn free. Then this blog is for you.

A successful job search is a time-consuming and labour-intensive procedure. Although LinkedIn is the ideal location to look for work, getting an email address from a specific application might be difficult. That is when you need the help of a free email looks up.  Do you need a LinkedIn email finder to contact the relevant experts and candidates? Then you’ve landed in the perfect place.  LinkedIn is the place to be whether you’re looking for a new job or recruiting fresh talent. Thousands of employees may be found by name and email address with the help of email tracking and email finder. However, if that doesn’t work for you or you need a quick approach to generate a list of potential leads, ten free email finders for LinkedIn can help.

you will learn about the finest LinkedIn email finder on the market and be able to evaluate their benefits, drawbacks, features, and cost in our comparison list.

What is the purpose of a LinkedIn email finder?

A LinkedIn email finder, also known as a LinkedIn email scraper or extractor, is software that aids in the discovery and extraction of emails from LinkedIn profiles used e.g., cold emailing to target prospects.

These LinkedIn email finders can be independent applications or Chrome extensions that add a button or feature to the user interface while reading individual profiles or the LinkedIn search results page.

Many companies utilize free email lookup for LinkedIn to obtain the email addresses of potential customers and contact them as part of a sales navigator.

If you use the right LinkedIn email finder, you’ll be able to find prospects, qualify them quickly, build a strong email list, and communicate with them via email rather than the inconvenient LinkedIn InMail system.

You can also do the following with most email finder tools for LinkedIn free:

  • Change your search parameters.
  • Make a list of active and relevant email addresses.
  • Let’s look at the finest LinkedIn email finder software if we agree that these solutions are fairly handy.

Any mail finder:

Bulk search and search by job title, name, and business are all elements of this email finder tool.


Only the validated search emails are charged.

User Interface That Is Easy to Use (UI)

Rollover of subscription credits

Long-term credits

Duplicates are not charged.

Countless team members


Credits’ expiration (30 days)

Only if you continue subscribed do your credits roll over.

When it comes to discovering worldwide searches, there are complications. Their worldwide database might use some work.


1. Saleshandy connect:

Saleshandy Connect is a Chrome plugin that searches LinkedIn for email addresses. To protect prospects, this tool offers you reliable and validated information. This tool is extremely useful for recruiters, sales reps, outreach experts, marketers, and anyone who wants to add verified email addresses to their prospect list.

Step 1: Download ‘Saleshandy Connect’ from the Chrome Web Store (Ensure the extension is added to your browser and enabled)

Step 2: Go to LinkedIn and access the profile of the person whose email address you’re looking for.

Step 3: Select the extension’s icon.

Step 4: Once you’ve done that, a little pop-up will appear on the right-hand side of the screen displaying the First and Last names.

(To utilise this tool, you must have a Saleshandy account.)Rather than manually storing the prospect, you may add him or her to your email list directly. This utility is compatible with all LinkedIn versions: LinkedIn Business Premium is free. The Google Chrome Web Store now has LinkedIn Recruiter Lite and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Pricing:   There are no credit cards necessary to use this add-on.



With’s Email Finder plugin, you can create a prospect list in minutes. Because the CRM software focuses on lead creation, its email finder tool includes a lot of useful capabilities. In addition to LinkedIn, their email finding feature allows the user to search for emails in Search engine results. Google Chrome Web Store has it.

Pricing:   The extension is now free to use, however, there are only 50 credits (the number of emails you may check up each month) accessible. More credits are available for purchase on their website.


3. Apollo:


Apollo offers a LinkedIn Prospector that searches LinkedIn for email addresses of potential customers. You may sync the data directly into your CRM programme with this tool. They also offer you the prospect’s phone number (although this accuracy might vary).

Google Chrome Web Store has it.

Pricing:   Every month, 150 free email credits are given away. If you want to buy more, you’ll need to join up for Apollo, which starts at $49 per month.


4. Adapt Prospector:

Adapt Prospector is a chrome plugin that seeks to assist salespeople and marketers in closing more deals. The tool is compatible with both LinkedIn and websites. To automate email campaigns, the data obtained may be immediately integrated into your CRM programme or exported as a CSV file. Google Chrome Web Store has it.

Pricing:  Each month, 100 free credits are available. If you want to buy additional credits, you’ll need to get a quote for your company.


5. Kloser:

Kloser is a LinkedIn email extractor that can provide an email address and phone number for any business professional with a single click of a button, the sales staff can discover and interact with prospects. It is really simple to use and works as a Chrome plugin. Google Chrome Web Store has it.

Pricing: Kloser is a completely free programme that can be downloaded through the Chrome web store.



Pipileads makes it easy to get verified email addresses of prospects so you can develop a customer list. Any emails discovered by the program are double-checked to verify that all outdated email addresses are removed and only active addresses are utilized.



50 credits for free (1 User)

Bronze – $9.95 250 Credits per month (1 User)

Silver – $14.95 500 Credits per month (1 User)

Gold – $29.50 3 Users/Month 1,250 Credits

$49.95 Platinum 5 Users/Month 2,500 Credits

Google Chrome Web Store has it.


7. Get Prospect:

Get prospect is a LinkedIn email finder with CRM functionality. Prospecting, creating cold email sequences, lead creation, and seeking job applicants are all common uses for this tool. With over 200 million up-to-date contacts, Get prospect offers a large B2B database.

Google Chrome Web Store has it.



100 emails found for free

Starter $49 (per month) – 1000 emails found

Basic $99 (per month) – 5000 emails found

Plus $199 (per month) – 20000 emails found

Pro $399 (per month) – 50000 emails found



On LinkedIn, Lead Leaper can help you find verified business email addresses. An email address is never duplicated or counted twice. The solution may be effortlessly linked to CRM applications like Salesforce. This application is unusual in that it can link with G Suite and Microsoft Office 365, allowing you to track emails sent to prospects. Google Chrome Web Store has it.



100 credits for free

$29 (per month) growth – 2000 credits

Professional 5000 credits for $39 per month

Quotation required for business



On LinkedIn, SalesQL can help you identify prospects’ personal and business emails (1st, 2nd, and 3rd LinkedIn connections). It’s an email scraper that also gives you phone numbers. Recruiting managers, B2B sales teams, and lead generating firms all utilise this technology. All of your leads may be handled and separated using SalesQL right from their dashboard. The tool is compatible with a wide range of applications, including major CRM, outreach, and productivity tools. Chrome Web Store and Web App are both available.



100 credits for free

Starter – 1500 credits for $39 per month

$59 (per month) advanced – 4000 credits

Pro – 10000 credits for $89 a month


10. Wiza:

Wiza is an email scraper that searches LinkedIn Sales Navigator for email addresses (not compatible with other versions of LinkedIn). Your CRM software or cold outreach programmer can quickly convert and import prospect email lists. Wiza’s finest feature is its ‘pay as you go’ strategy, which sets it apart from other email-finding a programmer. Chrome Web Store and Web App are both available.



Micro $30 – 100 credits each month

Pro – $300 credits for $50 each month

Plus $100 every month – a total of 1000 credits

Winding up:     Any outreach effort relies heavily on lead creation. According to research prepared by the essay writer. Nyc, sending emails to the wrong person might cost you up to 30% of your sales. By ensuring that you have the proper and confirmed email address, you will be able to conclude the sale quickly and easily. This is why search email engines are so vital. They enable you to focus on other critical outreach initiatives while speeding up the process of creating a prospect list.


Keep your lead generating goals in mind while selecting an email finder tool and your budget.

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