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The Top 10 Lead Generation Tools For 2022

Are you searching for lead generation tools? Then there’s no reason for you to continue looking. For you to get excellent leads, nurture them, and convert them to customers, we’ve looked for and identified the top 10 lead-generating tools and software.

We understand that choosing the correct tool is never simple (we have been there, too). The most crucial elements to consider when choosing your lead-generating software are below to assist you in making the best decision.

By the end of this blog, you should have a good understanding of what lead generation software is.

The top 10 lead-generating software programs

How do you pick a lead generation program?

Let’s begin!


What is lead generation software?

Lead generating software is a program or software that allows you to locate new leads. You may use it to locate vital contact information about your lead (email address, phone number, social networks, and so on). Use it to interact with them and move them forward in your sales funnel.

There are lead creation software options that may create leads from various venues. Leads can generate through social media platforms, websites, cold emails, and other means. Yet, the purpose of all lead-generating software is the same: to give you targeted leads so that you may convert them into paying clients.

Quality leads above quantity: The program generates quality leads over quantity. When you have a list of leads in your product, you save time and receive better results.

Quality leads to curated rather than quantity. When you have a list of leads that are ready to buy your product, it saves you time and produces high-quality results.


Let’s take a look at the best lead-generating tools to assist you to reach your targets.


Top 10 lead generation software & tools

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is a powerful tool that can help you find the right target audience and companies on LinkedIn. The advanced search feature allows you to find high-quality leads and get lead recommendations within the dashboard. This can be a valuable tool for sales professionals who want to find new potential customers and grow their business.

Features: You can maintain track of leads and learn about any recent updates coming from them. Keep critical information in your notes and communicate with your lead on a regular basis using InMail messages.


Core plan: $99.99 per month

Advanced plan: $159.99 per month

You must obtain quotations for the Advanced Plus Plan.



Sendinblue - create landing pages

With the help of Sendinblue, you can build engaging landing pages and sign-up forms to expand your contact list and get qualified leads. You can quickly build your landing page or sign-up form using their drag and drop tool.

Add additional fields to your leads’ forms to get the precise data you want. Use HTML code to embed your campaign wherever you like (website, social media profiles, emails). CTAs should be included on your website to nudge leads into taking action before they leave.

Pricing: The free plan is free; the lite plan is $25; the premium plan is $65; and the enterprise plan requires a quote.



OnePageCRM - An action based CRM platform

Through action and a focus-based strategy, OnePageCRM’s action-based CRM software may assist you in increasing sales. They want to reduce chaos in the sales process and increase actionability by using this strategy.

To keep moving forward with smart data, track your goals in the CRM. All of the contact information may be kept in one location, and you can further divide the contacts into groups according to how they behaved during the sales process. Automate the chores that use a lot of your time each day quickly so you can concentrate on the crucial ones.


$19.95 per user/month for the business plan

Professional plan: $9.95/month/user



HubSpot - CRM tool for business

HubSpot is a well-liked CRM tool for companies. You may effortlessly manage your leads with CRM software. They provide both a user-friendly sales platform and HubSpot sales.

HubSpot has the feature of allowing you to trace emails sent. When a lead opens your email, you are alerted right away. To remain on top of the conversations, automate your sales emails and add follow-ups. Providing real-time assistance to website visitors through a free live chat function.


Schedule A ($45/month)

Professional package – 450 $ per month

Enterprise package – $1,200 per month



Unbounce - Create smart landing pages

Using Unbounce, you can make clever landing pages. The program creates a landing page using a conversational AI method. making it wiser and more perceptive.

Your landing page may be created to work on any device. It is simple to interface with services like Facebook pixel, Google Analytics, and Zapeir.


The monthly launch plan cost is $90.

Plan optimization: $135/month

Accelerate Plan: $225 per month



OptinMonster - Convert leads through website

To turn the traffic into quality conversions, OptinMonster enables you to design attractive popups, scroll bars, exit-intend popups, floating bars, and more. You may use these eye-catching popups on your website, blog, or any other page that receives a lot of traffic.

Access to several forms and design templates is one of the features. There are thorough data and insights for each campaign. Add several segments and conditions to target your campaign.


Basic package: $9 monthly

($19/month) Plan Plus

Pro plan: $29 per month

Growth plan: $49 per month



LeadBoxer- Sales engagement solution

With the help of LeadBoxer, a sales enablement tool, you can track down your most interested prospects and move them through your sales and marketing workflow.

To get an understanding of your lead’s behavior, analyze your data. Connect LeadBoxer to Marketo, Google Data Studio, HubSpot, and other platforms.


Basic plan: €195 monthly

Premium package: €495 per month



Righthello- B2B lead generation tool

RightHello is a solution for B2B data enrichment and lead creation. Using the tool, you may locate organizations and the decision-makers within them in order to send an outreach email.

Using sophisticated segmentation, learn more about your prospects. Search using 10+ unique filters and 10+ different search techniques. A/B. To find out what works best for you, test out your emails on various prospect groups. Get verifiable information without affecting email deliverability.


To know the price, you must ask for a demo.




You can quickly locate email addresses with Hunter.io. For every specific domain, you may obtain the email addresses of potential clients. Simply enter the domain, and a list of the email addresses associated with it will display.

To determine if an email is authentic or not, they provide an email verifier. You may simply incorporate the data into your CRM after saving it.








Sumo- email capturing tool

Sumo is a free email capture tool that helps you grow your website. By entering the URL or the corporate domain, you may do a quick search for leads. WordPress, Shopify, and Google Tag Manager all support installing Sumo.


  • $0 for the free plan.
  • $49 for the Pro plan.



This brings us to the conclusion of this article, and we hope that our list of the top lead generation tools currently available online has been helpful to you.

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