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Home Team

Our Founders

Gangesh Pathak


Gangesh Pathak is Founder and CEO of SALETANCY with a mission to revolutionize the lead generation business.Innovation by birth that emerged as an accomplished entrepreneur, a strategic thinker & a visionary leader.

Medha Dwivedi


Medha Dwivedi is Co-Founder and Director of SALETANCY. She is kind-hearted, ambitious and a thoughtful leader. She is an Emerging entrepreneur, a strategic thinker & a visionary leader.

Management Team


Regional Business Head

Vinay is Regional Business Head of Saletancy. He always works by Keep The Client’s Business At Front Of Mind.He always determine the operational practices of all Saletancy in the particular region, complies with marketing and sales campaigns and meets budget and sales goals.








Chief Operating Officer

Gagana works as COO at Saletancy.She  takes full responsibility of Operations .She makes sure that operations run smoothly. She is a very dedicated Team member of Saletancy.






Parul Goyal

Head of operations

Parul Goyal is a head of operations at saletancy, who oversees the day-to-day activities of the company and its Staff.She managed the operations very well with her clear thinking towards the things.She has ability to take any decision of her own.







Pooja Verma

Hr Manager

Pooja Verma is acting as a Hr Manager at Saletancy.She oversee the recruiting, interviewing and hiring of new staff.As well as she consult with top executives on strategic planning and serve as a link between an organization’s management and its employees.

Our Team

Shruti Khanna

Project Lead

SALETANCY is a very innovative organization with lots of room to grow and It’s an amazing place to work with relaxed environment. I never felt I am working in an office. Work culture is very friendly and great seniors to guide.







Swati Gurung

Research Analyst

Saletancy is a home to me, people here are damn friendly demeanored, we all work here not cuz we are being paid.But we do cuz we are a family and we will lead our home to the uttermost level , beyond anyone could beat us. Thank you Saletancy!!!






Mahima Sharma

Senior Research Analyst

The most amazing part of this company is, it does not let you feel like you are an employee. It feels like a family. Working Environment is great under seniors guidance. You feel you are in safe hand.







Lakshya Sharma

Research Analyst

Saletancy collaborates with individual team members to establish a development path and consistently meets all deadlines. Culture of ideapreneurship is given importance in Saletancy which turns visions into actual action plans. In work I conceives totally new strategies.





Sonu Panchal

Research Analyst

Great work environment,It encourages and gives exposure to innovative ideas and strategies. Continuous innovation is at the core of Saletancy practices, so your work capacity improves rapidly. Thank you Saletancy!!!






Ankur Sharma

Sales Development Representative

It’s my goodness that I’m connecting with saletancy because Great growth opportunities, amazing work culture, awesome appraisals and lots of perks. You grow with the company. Great Managers and quick promotions. A great place to work in overall






Noopor Bansal

Business Development Executive

Lucky to work with Saletancy.. Fortunate to be a part of it.. Great Work exposure. Good company to work with team spirit, Fast pace and friendly environment. Specialization in lead generation. “Great Place, Great People”.






Kriti Seth

Senior Business Development Executive

It feels great to be a part of a company which gives ample opportunity to grow as a professional. The work culture is wonderful. Everyone gets equal opportunity to showcase their talent and creativity and gets appreciated for their work. If you want to enhance your skills and grow as a professional, “saletancy” is the best platform for you.






Parul Goyal

Head of Operations

Saletancy is a nice place to work with. It is a growing organization that give you a platform to enhance and buildup your skills. It is all away from the political environment.”Feel happy and live happily”






Ankush Rana

Business Development Executive

I join as a fresher, nice Co working place. You can learn, work and implement your ideas well also. A best management and working.








Ashish Budhijaa

Business Development Executive

“This is my first job in this company which gave me an opportunity to practice my skills practically which i have learnt in my entire life. It’s not even a complete month to me in this company but I don’t feel the same just because everyone is very much helpful and familiar that you love to work in such environment. Personally my experience is just awesome here.






Shuchita Gaur

Business Development Executive

A company can taste success only when each and every employee performs to the best of their abilities. Being in my first job Nice place to start the work with, great learning with friendly environment. That’s only i can review in my only 1 month.







Shipra Jain

Team Leader

7 months in SALETANCY! Time has flown and I cherish all the memories of the people I have met during this time. I have learnt and grown professionally and personally. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed in any way in my JOURNEY…. Great experience to work with Saletancy. It gives an opportunity to perform on the various platform with different phase and also promotes the exact work-life balance with the cooperation throughout the work STYLE.





Charan S

Business Development Executive

Firstly I would like to thank “Saletancy” for giving me an opportunity.Everyone over here is very humble and generous.They support us in each and every step. Rather than a work area, it feels like a group of friends working together.








Karthik B

Business Development Executive

I am very happy to be a part of this organisation our team is very friendly like a family and always supportive ,This is the place where I can improve my growth and skills











Business Development Executive

After joining saletancy, i have learnt & constantly learning & improving on my communication skills, gaining confidence in the work i am doing for this company. Alongside with an understanding & encouraging team.









Business Development Executive

This is great opportunity to be part of saletancy which is fastest growing company where i can enhance my skills and improve career growth.our team is supportive so that it is the place where i can learn more.








Swapna Reddy

Business Development Executive

I am very glad to be a part of this organisation and also team is very, this is the place where I can improve my skills.









Shubham Rathore

Team Leader

Saletancy is my first company and it has given me every opportunity to grow in this marketing field. The working environment over here is great and under the guidance of seniors, I have learned a lot.It encourages and gives exposure to innovative ideas and strategies. Everyone gets equal opportunity to showcase their talent and creativity and gets appreciated for their work. A great place to work in overall .Thanks Saletancy for everything.






Senior Business Development Executive

Saletancy provides excellent growth opportunities to its employees. The organization has a supportive and friendly culture. Saletancy is home for me, employees take pride in the workplace. The Management team is very supportive and down to earth. So, we can approach any senior very comfortably in case of any issues. Mission, vision and policies are made keeping in mind the human value.







Business Development Executive

Its been wonderful to be a part of the company . I can list the pros as – Great Work Culture , you are in charge of what you are doing and feel appreciated – Feels awesome to work with a talented team – You get ample opportunity to enhance your skills as you work.







Megha singh

Business Development Executive

This is my first job here, and i feel very glad to join Saletancy, it had provided me the opportunity of enhancing my skills and to develop a better personality. The management here is very supportive, they always guided me towards a right path and my colleagues are always there for me wherever and whenever i needed.








Business Development Executive

Market research analyst is my first job in Saletancy and  here I feel like that I’m engaging into different things, learning different things from different people. People here are so helpful and they always try to motivate whenever you feel down. I’m in my learning phase and the company is trying to teach me everything in a positive way. Thank you to all those people who stand side by me and tried to make me more mature person.






Business Development Executive

When i was thinking of my internship,  i just want the environment where i can utilize my skills. Saletency provided me the opportunity and environment where i am learning the things and also utilizing my skills, which helps in my personal growth.This is my first experience where i am interacting new people and gaining practical knowledge.The thing i liked the most that all staff is always ready for your help , it does not matter how many times you stuck, they just help you every time.




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