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A leading provider of business messaging solutions. Our SMS platform helps you to send DLT SMS, Promotional, Marketing, OTP & API SMS.
Saletancy: trusted by Internet startups, OTT platforms, and 10+ primary banks globally for their text notifications, alerts and promotional SMS messages.

Communicate, Inform and Influence Your Consumers Seamlessly

Bulk SMS is there for over a decade and is still it is powerful due to the popularity of mobile phones among Millennials and Bulk SMS marketing has the potential to help companies reach out to as many people as they want from around the globe.

Key Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing:

Targeted Promotions

It’s crucial for a business to deliver their messages at the right time to their target audience and this is where Bulk SMS comes into the picture. It enables companies to connect with their customers and prospects in real-time.

High Conversion Rate

SMS messages have the potential to improve and generate higher conversion rates compared to that any other mode of communication. The more personalized your messages the higher is your possibility to gain conversions. 

High Open Rate

According to numerous studies, 98 per cent of SMS messages are opened and read within ten seconds of delivery. If you relate this with any other messaging means, the open rate is much less, SMS marketing seems like a more efficient marketing alternative.

Harness the potential of SMS communications

We can help you create the perfect communication experiences for your customers.

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Deliver SMS messages in the moments

We make it simple, quick and affordable to send SMS marketing campaigns or engage in 1-on-1 conversations with customers.

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