Sales Outsourcing

We are capable of full sales outsourcing, Saletancy can deploy on-ground passionate sales and marketing professionals to execute the sales outsourcing campaign.
Sales Outsourcing helps companies to run their business more effectively without the worries relates to sales. We help the businesses to rapidly grow their sales and profits through outsourcing.

We just work on finding and solving the issues that are responsible for your lower sales. Many factors can reflect the company’s sales like lack of proper sales process, unreliable sales team, lack of leads, improper strategies.

Saletancy can resolve all these issues and makes strategies to extend your sales in a proper manner. Our clients trust us because of the expertise and market knowledge we have from the years. It also helps us to see what insides were wrong and what they cannot, then we make short-term and long term plans for our client.

Our Clientele includes India as well as foreign companies who want to expand their business in India also. At Saletancy, we provide full outsourcing solutions, in which we help to recruit sales talent.

After recruiting ,we provide full coaching and training to the sales executives as well as to the whole sales team. We also provide consultation services for sales, generation of maximum leads, co-sourcing etc.

We just not focus on increasing sales revenue of the company, but also cares for long term relationship with the same by simply help them to find out the true potential of their product or service.

Why you should outsource to Saletancy? We are a reliable outsourced sales and marketing partner.

Saletancy Research, create the strategy, implement effectively and deliver transformative customer experience. We offer end to end sales and marketing outsourcing company providing flexible channel and direct sales solutions for the leading and emerging companies to accelerate their reach and growth.

  • Recruitment Capability We have hiring professionals and the proprietary database gives us access to expert field sales professionals. We evaluate key required skills to select the best professionals for your job.
  • Technology Driven Saletancy deploys mobile-app based sales force automation technology to optimize, manage and track sales professionals on all sales outsourcing programs. It allows us to manage field sales professionals to deliver you high productivity and transparent reporting.
  • Operational Processes We Work with some of the world’s leading companies. Saletancy has developed and deployed tried and tested processes for various aspects for field salesforce.
  • Flexible Payment Saletancy flexible payment mode make sure that a part of our remuneration is directly linked to the actual sales achieved for you.

To keep business moving you need leads.

To keep the leads coming in and maintain healthy sales pipeline, you need a trusted, reliable and efficient marketing team. Ready to get started?

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