Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation
Omnichannel Marketing Automation:

Saletancy Omnichannel Marketing makes sure that you treat each customer uniquely with Automated customer acquisition journey. Which helps identify and analyse customers behaviours and automate contextual interactions resulting in:

  • Longer customer lifetime value
  • Higher conversions rate
  • We make sure you never miss any opportunity.
Marketing Automation

We manage the complete journey from lead acquisition to lead closure. We acquire Leads cultivate the relationship.

  • Reach out target prospect through the outbound approach.
  • Drive Traffic through Inbound marketing and acquire leads.
  • Optimized marketing budgets

Saletancy managed marketing service, Marketing Automation goes from hassle to muscle. Run a strong smart marketing campaign that gives you the higher quality sales-ready leads you’ve been looking for, without sacrificing your precious company resources – time, cost and salesperson.

Saletancy offers a range of services in Managed Sales and Marketing automation, We help you to

Saletancy services in Managed Marketing automation
  • Set-Up and Integrations We help set-up your platform with defined roles and permissions, along with CRM, webinar platform, landing page, and other integrations to define and track the buyer’s journey
  • Database Audit and Enrichment We help in de-duplication, standardization and normalization of data from the CRM or external data sources. Our data ingestion and enrichment processes help make your marketing teams be more effective in their outreach strategy.
  • Design and Development We help in your marketing outreach by creating responsive landing pages and email templates. We also help enable cross-channel campaigns by implementing social sign-ups, LinkedIn lead gen forms and matched audiences
  • Lead Lifecycle Management The buyer demands a different treatment and a customised lead nurturing program for every unique lead. We help in setting up and optimization of lead scoring, source mapping, progressive profiling, and A/B and multivariate testing services, along with GDPR and CAN-SPAM compliance implementation

Our Case Studies

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F-Secure Lead generation

F-Secure Corporation (formerly Data Fellows) is a Finnish cyber security and privacy company based in Helsinki, Finland. The company develops and sell

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Manras Technologies Lead Generation

Manras Technologies can help maximize your investment in Salesforce by providing their client access to a team of certified and experienced consultant

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