Saletancy Specialization

We have helped companies to grow with our proven Multi-touch Mutichannel & Multitouch Omnichannel marketing approach.

Multitouch Omnichannel marketing approach.

Omnichannel account-based marketing approach and global contacts database of 35 million+ businesses, We help you to grow


We send personalized and event triggered cold emails to your prospective customers.


We call your prospective customers on your behalf referring to Email/LinkedIn


We scour LinkedIn for prospects whose profiles match connect with them to introduce offerings.

Online advertising

We create and promote online ads display ads we capture interest and follow up with a call/email.


We set up virtual events for you where we invite your target prospect and capture their interest.


We set up a Sales chat on the website, We chat with visitors and capture their interest.

We are Driven by Data and Technology.

We can also help you with Market Research, Digital Transformation and Omni channel Customer Service

Market Research

We are the world’s leading global data collection company. We help organizations by providing end-to-end reliable market research solutions.

Digital Marketing

We are defining a new era of performance-driven internet marketing. We can help you with end to end digital marketing solutions.

Customer Experience

Multilingual Customer Support as a Service to delight your customers.At Saletancy We offer Phone, Email , Chat , Ticketing and More

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