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How Good Is Our Data?

This stuff is hard. Companies relocate, hire and fire, and change all the time; a data point verified last week is likely already out of date.

It’s impossible to achieve “perfect” data quality – we know that. The best we can do is use a multi-layered regime of analyst workflows and computer-powered anomaly detection.

With the help of our customers, we are becoming the best in the business.

Data Quality: How We Do It

Saletancy AI powers the core of our dataset, from our Company Matching Engine, to our Similar Companies Algorithm, to our Industry Keyword Classifier.

For instance, over 1+ engineering years have gone into our Signals Engine, which identifies usable Signals (e.g. executive hires or headcount growth) from billions of documents across the web.

Our Team of Research analyst Duly Validate the data and fill up other information required.

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