B2B Lead Generation

Ideal Sales opportunities
Start your day with Ideal Sales opportunities

Looking to grow and expand your business? We offer Best B2B Lead Generation services that are designed to help get you in front of your Sales opportunities — Our multitouch and omnichannel approach make sure that you reach your target prospects at the Right Time with Right message when they are most interested and ready to listen to what you are offering.
With a focus on lead quality, Saletancy ensures you spend time only on Sales Qualified highly closable leads.
Saletancy is a Top b2b lead generation company based in India, it's a perfect place where you get exclusive high-quality leads that convert and increases your ROI.

We understand that maintaining a healthy sales funnel is key to the success of any company. Lead generation is not a one-time effort, rather it′s a process that needs to be sustained in order to support a growing revenue stream of your company.

Ideal Sales opportunities
scale your sales team

Saletancy helps you to scale your sales team to a marketing powerhouse as we utilize our mastery of the prospecting process over multiple channels – the Phone call, email, LinkedIn. We understand your business requirements, we design a lead generation solution that delivers simply what you need: Sales Qualified Leads and appointments.

We are Specialised in generation Marketing Qualified Leads, Sales Qualified Leads, BANT Qualified Leads, Appointment Setting, Contact Discovery and Marketing Automation with Saletancy B2B Lead Generation Services, you’ll reach your target prospects at right time with the right message to get Highly qualified leads that mean more sales and better business. Accelerate your lead generation or demand generation funnel with highly targeted account-based marketing.

B2B Lead Generation:

B2B Lead generation agency

Saletancy is a B2B Lead generation agency that focuses specifically on B2B lead-generation, Lead nurturing, and ROI-driven lead generation campaigns. We define the right Strategy, backed by Intelligent Technology and well-defined Tested process to engage your target buyers.

B2B Lead generation agency

Multi-touch Omnichannel Process

prompt to call

Lead Building

We work closely with you to build your target prospects and we filter Business contacts as per your requirement from our proprietary large database of key decision-makers and update database with required details.

send sms

Targeted Cold Email
Research & Profiling

Engage and nurture prospects by sending them an automated sequence of cold emails to generate hot leads – We have expertise in cold emailing we create the cold email template that works and Customized on the basis of your domain, Pain points activities and many more.

Linkedin Business Collections

Cold Call

Give your prospect a call as soon as he opens your email, See your LinkedIn Message or visits your website or set a reminder for yourself to call your prospect at a certain time. While you are fresh on your prospects’ minds, gives you a better chance to convert your opportunities into leads.

cold mail


We create and promote banner ads with contact form. We display banner ads to your target prospects, Identify target prospect who visit your website and follow up with a call, email or LinkedIn. Our proven process for successful Lead Generation campaign.

Transparent Reporting


Saletancy assigns a dedicated account manager who works closely with you to make sure that your lead generation campaign at Saletancy become a successful campaign for you. We are Not For You, We are With you!

Research Profiling

Linkedin Connection

Saletancy Linkedin lead genie feature allows your Saletancy team to systematically scour the LinkedIn for prospects whose profiles match those that are in your target prospect list and connect with them to build rapport.

Our Case Studies

F-Secure Lead generation

F-Secure Lead generation

F-Secure Corporation (formerly Data Fellows) is a Finnish cyber security and privacy company based in Helsinki, Finland. The company develops and sell

Manras Technologies Lead Generation

Manras Technologies Lead Generation

Manras Technologies can help maximize your investment in Salesforce by providing their client access to a team of certified and experienced consultant

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