Influencer Marketing: Small Businesses and Start-Ups

How often do you see a product in hands of your favorite celebrity and you get an instant urge to try it once? That’s what we call Influence Marketing. It’s a myth that influence marketing only benefits Big Companies. But it’s a rather one-sided perspective. The world is going digital and there is ample room for every business. With proper guidance and implementation, Influencer Marketing can work wonders for small businesses and start-ups.

As you scroll down, you will have all the notes you need to kickstart your influencer marketing strategy.



Influencer Marketing is a strategy to promote your brand through social media influencers over various social media platforms who have built their valuable presence. It means associating your brand niche with suitable influencer aesthetics so that they create your brand image in front of their social community. This medium targets the psychological aspect of consumers by setting a supreme ideology through the influencers they follow.

This marketing technique survives on content creation and authentic promotion. The audience of influencers is your target customers who will make a perspective based on the content.


Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is highly advantageous for any business. It is the right path for small businesses and start-ups to accelerate their brand value and image. Here are some undoubtful benefits of Influencer Marketing:

  • An influencer has a family of over thousands to lakhs of followers who idealize his/her ideas, expressions, and personality. Thus, collaborating with your brand makes it reach to a large variety of like-minded customers.
  • Aggressive commercial advertisements, campaigns, and promotions require huge capital and recurring investment. It is a department to be handled by people separately. Whereas Influencer Marketing is budget friendly and easy to manage across various platforms.
  • Consumers believe their influencers more than the Company advertisements. They follow their recommendations and opinions on a product. This creates a sense of trust and confidence in the brand is genuine.
  • Influencer Marketing forges long-term relationships from both sides. This strategy is all about collaboration, socialization, and networking with the right influencers. A durable partnership builds credibility and substantial growth.
  • It takes years to build your brand presence on social media from scratch. An influencer has a pre-constructed fanbase. Thus, creating your brand image through their channels will save time and yield faster results.


Types of Influencers

Influencers are categorized based on their number of followers.

  • Nano Influencers(1000-10000 followers): These influencers have a small fanbase with a deep connection to a single notion. They are useful in driving sales.
  • Micro-Influencers(10000-100000 followers): This is the most sought influencer category to start your influencer campaign.
  • Macro Influencers(100000-1000000 followers): These influencers are on the edge of celebrity status and have a massive community. They charge more than micro and nano given they reach multiple segments of the audience. They create high brand awareness.
  • Celebrity Influencers(1000000+ followers): Celebrities recognized worldwide have an admiring audience. Their reach is far.
  • Brand Ambassadors: Some brand ambassadors can be influencers for your business. They have a long-term contract with the brand.


Influencer Marketing Platforms

There are various social media handles where you can find influencers and implement marketing strategies.

  • Instagram: This platform is the king of content creation. High-quality influencers of all genres are present on Instagram. The bonus features of reels, shoppable ads, stories, etc increase brand engagement.
  • YouTube: It’s a great platform for videocentric influencers. It is used for creating product vlogs and reviews. People prefer surfing YouTube for detailed information.
  • Facebook: Facebook campaigns are a classical way of building your brand awareness through influencers.
  • TikTok: TikTok targets youth audience. It helps create short videos on products.
  • Twitter: Twitter hashtag searches are very effective.


Step by Step guide to Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing requires proper planning and research, to get the best results. Businesses must have clarity of their objectives and end goals.

Here are some simple curated steps on where and how to start:

  • Choose your social media platform. Analyze your buyer persona and identify your audience for selecting the best channel.
  • Define your influencer marketing goals. Identify what you want to achieve. Whether you wish to drive sales, create a brand image, or increase your social media following. Your objective paves the entire path.
  • Set your budget. This helps to filter down your influencer and platform category. The budget defines your duration, quality, and sustainability on social media.
  • Finding the Right Influencer. You need to handpick a suitable influencer from a wide population of influencers. Your business vision should complement the influencer’s persona. They should connect with your brand and believe in it. Pay attention to their comment section. It reflects a lot about their audience relationship and degree of engagement.
  • Reach out to your Influencers list. After you have narrowed down your options, contact your influencers. This is a crucial step because your first impression can make or break the deal. Prefer email over messages and calls. Be transparent and direct in negotiation.
  • Build influencer campaigns. Now the real work begins. Communicate with your influencer about what you need and how you need it. Discuss your objectives and hear their ideas for a successful campaign.
  • Follow Up and Track your influencer marketing progress. Measure your performance through various key metrics. Keep a track of your influencer activities. This helps to detect the pros and cons.



With the increase in digital marketing, it is clear that influencer marketing is very effective for all strata of business. A shift in people’s engagement is making influencer marketing a widely accepted mode of reaching a larger audience. It boosts the growth and popularity of business by leaps and bounds. Influencers provide a convenient way to create brand recognition and product habit conversions.

Implementation of successful campaigns will lead to long-term benefits and better brand awareness.

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