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How to Create A Powerful Marketing Sales Funnel Using LinkedIn in 2022

With over 700 million monthly customers, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. If you undertake LinkedIn prospecting and identify your next group of clients on the network, there are a lot of opportunities. LinkedIn is already used by 89 percent of B2B marketers for lead creation, with 62 percent claiming that it generates 2X more leads than the next top social platform.

We’ll learn how to use LinkedIn for sales prospecting in this post. This will allow you to increase the number of leads you generate, collect more data, and close more sales. Why should you utilize LinkedIn to find sales leads?

Prospecting on LinkedIn not only gives you access to a vast engaged audience, but it also gives you access to your prospect’s LinkedIn profile data. This will allow you to better understand your prospects and more effectively guide your talks toward your items.

You may also utilize LinkedIn’s robust search and filtering features to locate new leads and prospects by searching via its network of millions of people. Let’s look at the prospecting process now that we’ve shown how valuable LinkedIn can be as a source of leads.


How to Use LinkedIn to Find Prospects 
  • Look for leads.

Discovering or becoming visible to your prospects should be the first step in using LinkedIn for sales prospecting. There are four different methods to do this on LinkedIn.


  • Create an All-star profile

 LinkedIn prospecting profile dashboard

On LinkedIn, an “All-Star” profile is one that includes all of your professional experience in all of the essential parts. If you’re wondering why it’s so that other professionals who might want to connect with you can find you quickly. You’ll have more opportunities once you’re more visible to the professionals in your network. Later in the sales cycle, this will lead to prospecting and lead creation possibilities.

LinkedIn profile recommendation


  •  Find and filter potential customers

 linkedin prospecting filters

Since you’re on LinkedIn, you’ll want to start building your network before you start producing leads. To filter down the list of 2nd and 3rd-level contacts who meet your requirements, use LinkedIn search. You may filter persons by their Title, Industry, Past Companies, and other criteria by extending the search filters (“All Filters”). You can start sending connection requests to these restricted people once you’ve filtered the search.

  •   Distribute content across a large network

Linkedin prospecting post

You can start publishing important and shareable information on your profile if you have a large enough network (1000+ connections). Any engagement you produce through LinkedIn posts (shares, likes, and comments) will appear in the feeds of both your first and second connections. This exponentially increases the reach of your material, giving your profile greater credibility as more of your content appears in consumers’ feeds. It’s much easier to connect with your prospects on LinkedIn once you’ve established your credibility.



Let’s discover how to engage with the people now that you’ve linked with them and have a vast network to tap into for prospecting.

  • Engage and converse with new acquaintances.

When you’ve made contact with potential leads, it’s time to strike up a conversation. Ideally, don’t begin by marketing your product; it detracts from the conversation’s Genuity. Asking what they do at their job is a terrific approach to break the ice and learn more about your connection. Day-to-day tasks, current issues, corporate objectives, and so on are all acceptable topics to discuss. When your discussion organically leads to talking about your connection’s difficulties that your solution can answer, you’ll eventually have an opening.

You may easily search for and message your prospects on LinkedIn if you’re directly linked to them. You may also discover their email addresses on their profile and begin communicating with them.


  •  Identify and connect with your lead’s internet presence.

Plan to communicate with your prospect across various channels once you’ve developed a connection with them through LinkedIn chat. This accomplishes two goals: first, you’ll be able to learn more about your prospect by looking at their material across several platforms. Second, liking, commenting, and sharing their postings on social platforms can help you build a stronger relationship with your prospect and continue the dialogue.


  1. Capture their emails

LinkedIn prospecting contact info

While LinkedIn allows you to communicate with prospects via InMail and messaging, it lacks the flexibility of email. You can see their contact information (including email, if they’ve decided to provide it) on their profile for prospects you’ve previously connected with.

On LinkedIn, several tools might help you locate prospects.

  •  Linkedin sales navigator:

You may use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to do large-scale LinkedIn prospecting. It has a lot of complex searches and filtering features. You may sort prospects by years of experience, seniority level, and organizations they’ve joined, among other criteria. It also includes a function that suggests leads that are relevant to you. In addition, Sales Navigator customers receive more InMail credits each month and can see who has visited their profile.

  • LinkedFusion:

LinkedFusion is a prospecting tool for LinkedIn that automates the process. In addition to scanning your leads, you may establish numerous sequences based on your needs, including time zones and dedicated IP. LinkedFusion also includes native connectors with Hubspot, Salesforce, Close.io, Pipedrive, and other B2B platforms to keep your data current.

  •  LeadConnect:

LeadConnect is a LinkedIn Automation software that allows you to automate your LinkedIn outreach by sending customized messages. You may use LinkedIn to connect with your target prospects in addition to looking for them. It can send automatic messages and follow-ups based on your desired timezone, and it can also be integrated with HubSpot-CRM to help you get the most out of it.


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Templates for LinkedIn prospecting:

Here are four LinkedIn prospecting templates to get you started and help you break the ice with your leads.


Template1: Common ground approach:


Subject line:

[Prospect Name], Jessie recommended I reach out
Message: Hi [Prospect Name],

Our mutual connection, [connection name], and I were talking recently about [hot topic]. She said you were an expert on this issue.
I’m writing an article about [hot topic] because it’s relevant, timely, yet confusing to many of my customers. Can I include your perspective, [Prospect Name]?

[Your Name]


Template 2: Connect Request


Hey {First name}, 

My name is {your name} from {your company’s name}. I came across your profile, and I noticed we share similar interests regarding {mention the interest. Ex: Sales).

Did you read about {mention the recent update in the industry}? I believe {write your views}. I would love to connect and know your views regarding it! 

{Your name}


Template 3: Thank you for accepting the request


Hey, {First name}, 

Thanks a lot for accepting my request. I am thrilled to be a part of your network. I am looking forward to discussing {your area of expertise}. As we both belong to the same industry, I feel this conversation would be productive and helpful! 

How about a quick call next week? Let me know if it fits in your schedule. 

{Your name}


Template 4: Content/Post appreciation 


Hey, { First Name}, 

I hope you’re doing well. I just wanted to say that I loved your recent post on {mention the topic}. It was extremely insightful and very written. Looking forward to your next post on more similar topics!

{Your name} 


Find, connect with, and sell:

Salespeople can discover their prospects on LinkedIn, which gives them a big advantage. The majority of the material you’ll need is already in a well-organized format; the rest is up to you and how scalable and efficient you want your prospecting to be. There’s also a whole ecosystem of LinkedIn prospecting tools to assist you in getting the most out of your LinkedIn network. So there’s no need to neglect LinkedIn prospecting; you could just discover your next big-ticket buyer there.

Having said that, if you have any LinkedIn prospecting tips and tactics, please share them in the comments. Share this post with your LinkedIn connections if you think it will help them too.


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