General Questions

The requirement for having a long-term contract is determined by the overall scope of service. If your project is a campaign-based project, a long-term commitment is not required.
It depends on the campaign or service provided. In some cases, you will see immediate results; in other cases, results may not be tangible for two to three months.
Most campaigns, on average, take two weeks to get underway. When systems need to be set up or integrated or legal issues need to be addressed campaign deployment can take a month or more.

Finance Questions

All candidates accepted by Saletancy are hired based on having previous sales experience or equivalent. they are fully trained to represent your company professionally as if they were your own employees.
Yes! We provide a database of Key decision makers, we do profiling according to your requirement. You can rely on us to acquire and build leads lists that properly target your best prospects to maximize your results. We acquire data through our tools work on machine learning and duly verified by our data science engineers and Research analyst.Data can be filtered by industry, Sub Industry, employees and/or revenue, Title, department and many more required filter.
Local and federal laws differ between states and countries. In some states and countries it is legal to record and listen into calls without notifying the other caller; however, in some states and countries, two-party notification is required. All inbound calls that we receive to dedicated inbound numbers are recorded and provide a recorded notification message.

Information Technology Questions

As a standard, we provide campaign status reports on a daily , weekly and monthly basis of all channels we provide and it is available in our Automated lead management pipeline too.
Appointment setting services perform differently from lead generation services, which perform differently from sales lead qualification services. Also, the scope and expected results are not the same for each campaign. Campaigns that target small/mid-size companies promoting commodity items may produce greater results than a campaign promoting million-dollar, customized solutions to large enterprises.