Cold Email Software: 6 Best Tools To Automate Your Outreach

The cold email software is used for cold emailing and is designed for sending little volumes of very highly personalized emails and following up with your business prospects. This is a great tool for sales engagement which is built for increasing the levels of performance of sales and marketing teams and helping them schedule meetings with an increased number of potential clients or customers.

Top 10 Cold Emailing Software Tools:

For your information, the global market for cold email automation software size is almost about $1.15 billion US dollars in the year 2021 and it has been forecasted that it will grow from $1.26 US dollars from the year 2022 to $2.76 billion US dollars in the year 2029, by exhibiting with a CAGR of about 11.8% from the year 2022 to 2029. So, you can understand that the market demand for cold email automation software is quite high and will increase to almost double in the upcoming times. This is how important this software is as they save a lot of time and effort for the sales and marketing teams.

Now, let’s start with the top 10 cold emailing software:

1. Mailshake

Mailshake is a cold email marketing software tool with features for live campaign management. It includes features like pausing the email-sending process, adding new recipients to your active campaigns, etc. Mailshake increases your sales engagement as a platform and assists you in sending cold emails at a higher rate without worrying about spam filters. And Mailshake  helps in increasing your engagement with features that are built to improve and enhance your efforts. And Mailshake also improves the performance of marketing as it is curated for modern-day teams and clients. You can easily send cold emails from your smartphone and social media everything in a single sequence, on a single dashboard.

2. AWeber

AWeber has its core values, focused to create some greatly remarkable experiences that can be executed with utmost passion, fostering respectful manners and proper coordination with inviting feedback. Also AWeber is one of the most used reputed platforms for email marketing. In case you are in search of a reliable tool for automating your cold emailing campaigns or newsletters. This platform can easily fulfill your needs effortlessly. Through AWeber, you can build your emails by using the templates of AWeber. After that you can put the campaigns on autopilot. With such dynamic functionality and personalized content. You will be getting real and potential leads by saving a lot of time, effort, and energy.

3. Quick Mail

Quickmail is a great tool for the automation of cold email by having excellent features that make the deliverability exceptional. And focused on the targeted potentials and curated for ease of use by the sales and marketing teams. So that they can send high-quality emails at higher volumes. Quickmail also integrates with all the important email service providers available. Starting from Gmail, Outlook, and many others to Amazon SES. In which you can also link up with some sales and productivity tools. These tools can help you pretty much if you are just starting with cold emailing automation.

4. UpLead

Upload is a very easy-to-use, fast, and effective email automation tool. That provides leads per cost, and this software tool also offers one of the most accurate and valid emailing. UpLeads also consistently adds up new features with every update. UpLead has native integration with mainly used CRM systems and cold emailing tools. Also UpLead can be a great choice for boosting your leads. And increasing the performance of your sales and marketing team. And UpLead is also one of the best cold email automation software solutions for building highly prospecting lists. It also allows you to search for B2B leads and provides data that has 95% accuracy.

5. ContactMonkey

ContactMonkey is another smart tool for the automation of cold emailing. Known for tracking emails for a smoother flow in sales with the integration of SalesForce. You can also create a very responsive email with drag-and-drop tools. Email tracking  feature for which Contact Monkey is also known. They have jumped into the space of cold email automation with their Mail Merge feature. To add ContactMonkey to your Outlook, you have to install ContactMonkey and sign up for a free trial. And To start the application, Outlook application is closed and relaunch the application.

6. Lemlist

Lemalist is an all-in-one cold emailing solution for a professional salesperson. Scheduling personalized email campaigns, following up with your stages, and landing your emails are done through Lemlist very efficiently. It also helps you automate cold emails in a bulk with the custom variables. You can also personalize digital content like videos and images with text.

Final Words

Cold emails are unsolicited emails which sent without any previous communication. Where the sequence for cold emailing starts by sending an introductory greeting. And followed by follow up reminders, for instance. A cold email approach outreach starts with an initial introductory email. The cold email outreach software allows your sales and marketing team. To reach out to potential prospects through multiple channels across the world. This tool works very well with the sales and marketing teams through the utilization of an outbound approach for selling.


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