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ABM need 1:1 connections with all relevant prospects that drive the purchase process. That’s where we can help.
Account based marketing
We run a successful Appointment Setting and Lead Generation program powered by our Multitouch omnichannel Account-based Marketing approach.

Once you define your targets, we carefully chose potential target accounts. and your dedicated team at Saletancy come together to craft and deliver personalized campaigns through the right channels to produce the best result.

We discover and define your potential accounts.
We identify key internal players of those accounts.
We define campaign content and personalized message
We determine optimal channels that work for you.
We execute a targeted lead generation campaign.
We measure and optimize your campaign
Saletancy ABM marketing services

Saletancy for account-based marketing services offers multitouch multichannel and
Multitouch Omnichannel programmes. We take care of everything starting from creating
a strategy to provide a turn-key solution to securing your next client.

Have a look at our service deliverables:

Account profiling
Target account analysis
Competitor evaluation
Strategy development
Campaign optimization
Regular reporting
The competitive edge of Saletancy account-based marketing services

Companies from around the world choose our account-based marketing services. Get
insights into why businesses trust Saletancy by looking our competitive advantages:

Experience of more than 4 years.
Technology Driven
Talented Sales and marketing professionals
Client satisfaction

We help B2B companies run successful ABM

Engage and close your target accounts with Account-Based Marketing.

To keep business moving you need leads.

To keep the leads coming in and maintain healthy sales pipeline, you need a trusted, reliable and efficient marketing team. Ready to get started?

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