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The Saletancy Story

What We Do

Why We are Different?

Our Founders

What We Do

We provide sales and marketing services to all sized businesses looking for a partner for their lead generation, audience generation, database management and communications requirements. We believe in working with you not for you. You know all those sales and marketing initiatives that you’d love to do, but cannot because you don’t have the expertise, the resources, or the budget. That’s where we come in and let you grow and really grow.

We get that what works for Ram, probably won’t work for Shyam. That every company is unique, and needs a dedicated marketing program that allows that uniqueness to shine. We’re about developing initiatives, campaigns, and ideas that reinforce what your sales and marketing people are already saying and doing.

We are elevating strategy through planned, measured, tactical execution. We become an integral part of your organization – part of your company DNA.

Why We are Different?

It’s only natural to ask why should you work with us rather than someone else. Of course there are many other companies saying similar things and promising you similar things.

We’re very different because we don’t blind ourselves into thinking we have all the answers. We understand the fact no-one knows your business better than you do and that, sometimes, it can be difficult having an outsider come into your company with a view to changing things that’s where formula comes in to work with you not for you .

Our Founders

Gangesh Pathak

Gangesh Pathak is Founder and CEO of SALETANCY
with a mission to revolutionize the lead generation business.Innovation by birth that emerged as an
accomplished entrepreneur, a strategic thinker &
a visionary leader.

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Medha Dwivedi

Medha Dwivedi is Co-Founder and Director of SALETANCY. She is
kind-hearted, ambitious and a thoughtful leader.
She is an Emerging entrepreneur, a strategic thinker
& a visionary leader.

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Why Saletancy ?

Our Strategy

Our account manager will work collaboratively with you to define target market, target industries, size of business and target titles who are best fit for your business offering. Our content team write pitches, sequences and social pitches and get it approved by you. Our data team prepares list of targeted contact lists with all relevant information and remove do not contact domains.

Our Data Resources

Most data providers promise data quality or quantity. With Saletancy you can have both. We provide access to more direct dials and email addresses than any other B2B data provider. Our database contains detailed information about your prospects .We have over 70,000 Companies with over 2.5 Million Decision makers from India.

Our Technology

We have Various Tools engineered by Saletancy to automate Sales and marketing process .With data platform based on machine learning and Crowdsource QA duly verified by Human Intelligence. Saletancy also have Its own Cloudbased Saletancy Automated pipeline which make sure you never miss an opportunity.

Our Clients

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