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Lead Generation

Fill your sales pipeline with warm and qualified leads

Looking to grow and expand your business? Every business is inclined towards paid form of promotion! But most of the ads (when done incorrectly) are colossal waste of money, the results – Low ROI!. Saletancy is the perfect place where you get exclusive high-quality leads that converts and increases your ROI. We offer multi-channel lead generation services that are designed to help get you in front of your target prospects at the best time — when they are most interested and ready to listen to what you have to offer. With a focus on lead quality, Saletancy ensures you spend time only on leads that are highly closable.

We understand that maintaining a healthy sales funnel is key to the success of your company. Lead generation is not a one-time effort, rather it′s a process that needs to be sustained in order to support a growing revenue stream. Saletancy provides you with the key component for this process: we give you the ability to scale your sales team to a marketing powerhouse as we utilize our mastery of the prospecting process over multiple channels – voice, email, social, web ,Saleschat and mobile. Equipped with an understanding of your business requirements, we design a lead generation solution that delivers simply what you need: qualified sales leads and appointments.

We are Specialised in Lead Generation, Database Services, Customer Profiling and Marketing Automation , with Saletancy Lead Generation Services, you’ll reach, or you could very well exceed, those target sales numbers – and you’ll do it efficiently and consistently. discuss your business requirements and we will do the rest.

Multi Channel Lead generation


Saletancy is an B2B Lead generation agency that focuses specifically on lead-generation, sales nurturing, and ROI-driven campaigns. We improve the results of lead generation efforts for B2B enterprises seeking to improve their sales pipeline through Multiple Channel and approach:

  • Targeted Calling
  • Targeted Mailing
  • Targeted SMS
  • Social invite
  • Landing Page and forms
  • Saleschat 24*7

Effective Lead Generation

Send Email

Engage and nurture prospects by sending them automated sequence of emails and other communications based on actions they take – be it downloading a brochure, visiting a website or expressing interest in a certain topic.

Prompt to Call

Give your prospect a call as soon as he opens your email or visits your website, or set a reminder for yourself to call your prospect at a certain time. Acting on these triggers right away, while you are fresh on your prospects’ minds, gives you a better chance to convert your opportunities into leads.

Send SMS

Where their phones are, there your prospects are, too! Reach them in real-time by sending an SMS inviting them to an appointment or confirming the one you just booked.

Landing Pages and Forms

Our landing page templates designed for high conversion rates.

SalesChat 365

Saletancy’s 24/7 live chat service for your business allows us to take sales-related inquiries, qualify them for you and even book them for appointments. We work even on your days off and holidays.

SOCIAL: Business Connections

Saletancy Pipeline’s social media feature allows your Saletancy team to systematically scour the web for prospects whose profiles match those that are in your list and connect with them.

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