7 Ways to Get Better at Marketing to SMBs

Lead generation can give you a long-term source of sales revenue if done right.  lead generation services have grown due to constant demand for them especially in SMBs.

SMBs: Typically, a company with <100 employees is acknowledged as a small business, and a business with 100 to 1000 employees is a medium-sized business.

Typically, SMBs have restrictions on their budget and infrastructure, they are usually hard to reach and sell to. But SMBs have the largest potential in phases of growth and development.

Tips to efficiently market to SMBs:

1. Educate Consult and then sell.

Before you start pitching to SMBs, educate them with everything they want to understand about the solution. Understand their pain point and consult them. Then try to Sell.

2. Identify their preferences.

Some of them will value affordability over the quality of the solution, while some will value the quality of the solution. You need to identify, what will drive them?

3. Learn their pain points and research habits

What are their challenges? What do they post on social media? What groups or forums they are in? Which social network they are using? 

You’ll learn a lot by inspecting their activities and discovering out their thoughts.

5. Discover how they wish to communicate

Some prefer old-fashioned telephone calls or F2F Meetings, some like Online meet like Google meet, Zoom etc. While many like to conversate over email or WhatsApp. Identify their preference.

6. Give low-risk offers

SMBs don’t like to overspend, so make sure to offer low-risk and run a POC with a small budget. If investments are worth they will do. 

7. Don’t Pressure for the long-term

SMBs are normally concerned about the current state. Offer a solution that can solve their problem in the current time or in the coming months.

8. Give them time

Allow them enough time to make a decision as this is important for them.

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