3 Tech Tips for Better Open Rates

The boring details in cold email need fine tuning to make sure that the exciting part, your actual email copy, is seen by recipients.

So let’s get started….

Here are some 3 tech tips you need to follow:

  1. Warm Up your domain
  2. Setup daily limits
  3. Use cousin domain

In order to land your emails into the inbox instead of marked as spam, do follow these three tips. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start these tricks and avoid spam sending out there!!

1. Warm Up Your Domain 

Warm up your domain

If you are starting with the new domain or an IP then you need to warm it up in order to show your email address legit. So without any communication, the email providers will flag your domain which leads to landing up your mail in the spam folder. Wanna Stop this? So here are some ways to warm up your domain:

  • Subscribe to newsletters.
  • Interact with colleagues, send a few emails back and forth.
  • Also you can interact with your own old email address if you have so that it gets warmed up

Short Tips: Gmass will automatically warm up your domain by turning it on, gmail will do it for you.

2. Set up Daily Limit

Warm up your domain

Always keep a daily limit set while you are sending email campaigns daily. If you are using new email then of course you need to send about 20 emails per day. Or else you will land up your mail in the spam folder . Seriously, it will be very hard for you to get rid of it. After a week you can start increasing your email by sending 25 mails.

3. Use Cousin Domain

Warm up your domain

You might wish to grab a couple extra domains to go through the same process with since you’ll be limited at first. You’ll be able to reach out to more people without having to wait as long. For example, if your company name ends in.com, consider changing it to.net,.io, or something else that makes sense for your firm/industry.

Hope this is useful for you. Stay connected with our social media to know more exciting tips for your business development.

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