3 ways to effectively double your sales with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best thing that has ever happened to the professionals … okay, maybe second best to peanut butter jelly.

However, LinkedIn is effective only if you are actually using it correctly and not just relying on it to keep up with your colleagues.

Actually, LinkedIn can be leveraged for a gamut of things. For starters, it can be used as a powerful B2B lead generation tool that can skyrocket your sales.

Wait, you don’t believe in mere word of mouth?

Fret not! Have a look at this astonishing statistic.

According to a report, LinkedIn generates higher visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, which is almost 3 times higher than both Twitter and Facebook.

So, let’s see how you can effectively double your sales with LinkedIn using these three proven ways.

  1. Engage your audience – Post ‘relevant’ content

If you are looking to generate sales from LinkedIn, or any other platform for that matter, you have to engage with your targeted audience.

And the best way to engage is not by pitching or promoting your product.

No! Nada!

You have to cater to your audience by posting relevant content that might actually help your audience out.

Here’s how you can engage your audience:

  • Post in your groups and profile about your niche.
  • Add images and infographics in your post to attract the audience.
  • Write articles on your LinkedIn Pulse.
  • Share videos and tidbits talking about the solutions that might come in handy.

However, make sure that your content is public to ensure unlimited transparency and outreach. Plus, you can share your content on Twitter as well with one single click.

  1. Create a Group

Creating your Group is one of the most powerful ways to give your sales a massive boost. And it is even more authoritative and profound that posting in other groups.


Humans crave social conversations, and they especially look up to someone initiating a cause.

That’s the way it is!

This is where being an admin of a group will come into play.

Firstly, it will give you establish you as a leader, where you will have your own set of followers. For this reason alone, professionals interested in your business will flock to your profile.

Secondly, creating a group negates the pesky task of sending the connection request to every prospect. Now, you don’t have to add connections, in fact, it will be you who would be flooded with connection requests from your prospects.

  1. Sponsored Ads

You are incessantly sharing your views to reach your audience. But, here’s a catch – does it offer a guarantee of reaching the target audience?

The answer is an unflattering no!

But LinkedIn promotional Ads are tailored to reach your targeted audience on both the computer and mobile device.

Use these LinkedIn strategies to double your sales today. Plus, leverage the humongous user base that ranges over 467 million members.